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Nathan R. Brand, MD

Nathan R. Brand, MD

  • Resident (PGY-4)
  • General Surgery

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Nathan Brand M.D MSc is currently a general surgery resident at UCSF. He obtained his B.A at Colorado College where he majored in philosophy. Following his graduation he worked for the NIH as a Cancer Research Training Award Fellow in the Laboratory for Translation Genomics. He then traveled to Malawi and Uganda where he spent a year volunteering in a rural clinic and working for the University of Minnesota researching pediatric severe malaria.

Dr. Brand attended medical school at Columbia University where he obtained both a M.D and a MSc in global health. During this time he also worked for the Center for Global Health at the US National Cancer Institute and spent a year working as the Cancer Control Consultant to Kenya.

During his research time at UCSF, Dr. Brand has focused his research on both global health and surgical oncology. He is currently in the lab working for Dr. David Jablons on identifying novel therapeutics for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. His work is supported by both the Surgical Oncology T32 and the Thoracic Surgery Society's Resident Research Award.
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  • Colorado College
  • BA
  • Philosophy
  • Columbia University
  • M.D MSc
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