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Electronic M&M Instructions 

Practice AreaConditions & ProceduresPrintable Forms
General Surgery Persistent hyperparathyroidism, Hypocalcemia, Airway obstruction, Anastomotic leak/ stricture, Negative/Nontherapeutic Laparotomy,
Bowel obstruction, Biliary leakage/stricture, Hepatic insufficiency, Pancreatic fistula, Trocar site injury, Band malposition/ malfunction, Seroma/ hematoma, Other
Bariatric Surgery
Endocrine Surgery
GI Surgery
Oncologic Surgery
General Surgery - East Bay 
Adult CT Sternal dehiscence, Stroke, Arrhythmia/ heart block, Esophageal leak, Empyema, Pneumothorax, Bronchopleural fistula, Other Adult CT
Breast Surgery Skin Necrosis/flap loss, Lymphedema, Seroma, Incomplete Resection, Nerve Injury, Other Breast Surgery
Colorectal Surgery  Anastomotic leak, Pelvic abscess, Ureteral injury, Sexual dysfunction, Urinary dysfunction, Bowel Obstruction, Prolonged illus, Other Colorectal Surgery
Pediatric CT Pulmonary hemorrhage, Phrenic nerve palsy, Chylothorax, Low cardiac output syndrome, Endotrachael tube malposition, Stroke/ CNS injury, Paraplegia, Other Pediatric CT 
Pediatric Surgery  Error in drug dosage, Perioperative hypothermia, Pneumothorax/ hemothorax, Pre term labor, Other Pediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery Flap loss (partial or complete), Graft loss, Exposure of or loss of implantable device, Unacceptable result, Hematoma, Other Plastic Surgery
Transplant Surgery Lymphocele, Renal/ pancreatic arterial thrombosis, Renal/ portal vein thrombosis, Ureteral leak/ obstruction, Pancreatic/ enteric leak
Biliary leak/ stricture, Hepatic artery thrombosis, Primary non function, Graft loss, Other
Transplant Surgery
Trauma Surgery Failure to secure or protect airway, Missed injury, Delayed control of hemorrhage, Complication of tube or line placement, Omission of prophylactic interventions, Other Trauma Surgery
Trauma - East Bay
Vascular Surgery Stroke, Graft/ stent/ other thrombosis, Graft infection, Major amputation, Percutaneous access site complication, Spinal cord injury,
Contrast induced nephropathy, Other
Vascular Surgery

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