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CA Medical Licensure Process

Following these steps will simplify the licensure process for PGY2 residents when applying for a medical license in California.

  1. Apply for the USMLE Step 3 Exam
  2. Once internship is successfully completed and you have passed Step 3, you are eligible to apply for a medical license in CA.  You may register to submit an online application . If you prefer, you may print and complete the license packet by following these steps:

    Form L1A-E: Application Form 

    Note: do not use your home address as the "public address". This info will be published on the medical board website. You should use the residency program work address.  

    For General Surgery please use the following address and contact info :

    UC San Francisco
    513 Parnassus Avenue S321
    San Francisco, CA  94143-0470
    Work phone: 415-476-1239
    Work fax: 415-502-1259

    Form L2: Certificate of Medical Education

    a. Enter Name, SS# and Address on form L2 and send it to your medical school registrars office for completion.  
    b. Request an original copy of your medical school transcript and certified copy of your diploma be sent along with your completed L2 directly to the Medical Board of California.
    c. Fill out the EBAHR Form online:  This requests your USMLE transcript be sent to the CA Medical Board.

    Form L3A-L3B: Certificate of Completion of ACGME Post Graduate Training Form

    Form L4: Certificate of current Post Graduate Training Enrollment (completed by current program)

    Note: Forms L3A, L3B & L4 are processed by the Surgery Education Office, and may be picked up during normal business hours.
  3. Obtain a live scan form from the Education Office. (If you are unable to stop by during normal business hours, ask that a form be placed in your mailbox.)  Complete the live scan fingerprinting process at one of the following locations:
    1. The annual GME license fair (cheapest)
    2. UCSF We ID ($75 drop in ok)
    3. Outside Live Scan locations (cost varies - may need appt) 
  4. After you have completed steps 1-3, please see Rachelle Bresnahan for application review. For this meeting, please bring:

    • All completed forms
    • A check for Medical Board of California (If possible, it is best to pay Application/License fees for the California Medical Board online, a check for the Federation of State Medical Boards (EBAHR fee). 
    We will print your photo and prepare your packet for Fed Ex mailing.  (License services are COMPLIMENTARY for residents currently appointed in the Department of Surgery.) That's it!  Please allow 6-8 weeks for license processing. To verify your license activation. please go to the CMB website to see if your name appears in the doc finder database. Physician licenses are posted within 48 hours of approval.
  5. After have received your state medical license, you will need to apply for a DEA license online and your NPI (National Provider Identifier).

DEA Application Instructions

  1. Select "Form 224" and Business Activity "Practitioner" then select "Next"
  2. Indicate your HOME DEPARTMENT as the business contact (this is where your renewal notices are sent).  For General Surgery use: UC, San Francisco, 513 Parnassus Avenue, S321, San Francisco, CA.  94143-0470, work phone: 415-476-1239.  Select "Next"
  3. In Personal Information input your SS# and check box marked for "CERTIFICATION FOR FEE EXEMPTION - Government Only".  Select "Next"
  4. Input "UC, San Francisco" as Fee Exempt Institution. Input your Program Director's name as Certifying Official (e.g., Kenzo Hirose, MD 415-476-1239 for General Surgery). Select "Next"
  5. Check all boxes under "Schedules". Leave "need script forms" box BLANK. Select "Next"
  6. Fill in the State License information and select "Next"
  7. Fill in all Background Information as appropriate and select "Next"
  8. Read and verify all information as correct and select "Submit Application"
  9. Provide license and DEA numbers to the Education Office. We need this information before ordering your script pads.

DEA Renewal Instructions

Please remember to note that when renewing your DEA: In order to avoid paying the renewal fee, please make sure you select Certification for Fee Exemption and input UC, San Francisco as the fee exempt institution in your renewal application. Enter Rachelle Bresnahan as the certifying official. DEA fees are not reimbursed by the department. A fee-exempt DEA allows you to prescribe only as a UCSF trainee. 

NPI Application Instructions

Please enter the following information in the application:

Practice Location:
513 Parnassus Ave, Rm S321
San Francisco, CA  94143-0470

Provider Taxonomy:
208600000X Surgery OR 208200000X Plastic Surgery

Please ensure your email address is correct as your NPI number will sent directly to you via email.  Once you receive the NPI number, please email it immediately to [email protected] at the Surgery Education Office.


UCSF GME has a partial reimbursement program for USMLE Step 3 and state licensing fees (new and renewals). The amount of reimbursement is approved annually by GME. Reimbursement requests must be submitted through Smartsheet. Please be sure to include a copy of your receipt and proof of payment (i.e. credit card statement, bank statement, cancelled check). No reimbursement program is in place for DEA (new and renewals) licensing fees, since UC is a fee exempt government institution. If you have additional questions about your eligibility for reimbursement or other questions about the process, please email [email protected].


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