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Faculty & Peer Mentorship Programs

Faculty Mentorship

Residency Advisor Assignments

  • Residents are assigned a faculty residency advisor upon entering the program.
  • If appropriate, the faculty residency advisor and resident will continue the mentoring relationship beyond the first year.
  • Residents may elect to have more than one residency advisor.
  • At any time, the resident may modify their residency advisor assignment by requesting a different or additional residency advisor. Changes should be communicated through the Surgery Education Office.  

Residency Advisor Objectives

  • Serve as a consistent, regular, and available advisor to the resident. A residency advisor is defined as a guide, coach, or facilitator. In this role, the advisor is not an evaluator.
  • Obtain feedback on resident's learning experiences/rotations. Reflect on what worked well and what did not.
  • Determine if psychological, social, or emotional barriers to educational objectives exist. Suggest methods to reduce or eliminate barriers.
  • Identify study patterns and assist resident in developing an effective study plan, especially if the resident has knowledge deficits.
  • Determine resident's long-term goals and assist with developing a plan to achieve them. Assist with goal setting if necessary.

Residency Advisor Responsibilities

  • Check in with assigned PGY1 residents at least monthly (e.g., a few minutes to an hour). If necessary, a phone meeting is acceptable. 
  • Meet with assigned PGY2-5 residents at regular intervals (at least semi annually), unless educational difficulties necessitate more frequent meetings.
  • Set realistic expectations with the resident for the mentoring relationship.
  • Follow-up on any previous suggestions, assignments, problems, or information promised.

Full List of Faculty Residency Advisors

General Surgery Advisors

Plastic Surgery (Integrated) Advisors 

Vascular Surgery (Integrated) Advisors

Peer Mentorship Program

The UCSF Department of Surgery peer mentoring group is a community of surgery residents who have undergone training specific to supporting residents and helping them access the appropriate care when needed. Peer mentors (listed below) are available any time a resident needs someone to talk to. The peer mentoring group have representation from multiple levels of training (R2-R5) and are here to provide a confidential resource to discuss any challenges a resident might encounter, professional or personal.

Everyone struggles at some point during surgical residency and no one should struggle alone. The goal of the peer mentors is to support one another and to make the surgical residency program a stronger and healthier community.  

 Full List of Peer Mentors

Site Ombudspeople

Site ombudspeople are faculty members designated at each hospital site to discuss any issues of concern with residents. The discussion of all issues with the ombudsperson are confidential when possible. 

Ombudsperson Site
Peter Stock, MD, PhD Parnassus
Carter Lebares, MD Parnassus
James Iannuzzi, MD VA
Jessica Gosnell, MD MZ
Amar Nijagal, MD Mission Bay
Lucy Kornblith, MD ZSFG
Sandhya Kumar, MD ZSFG
Susannah Rose, MD Kaiser
Ahmed Alkoraishi, MD Kaiser
Laurence Yee, MD CPMC
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