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The UCSF Department of Surgery acknowledges that the demands of becoming a new parent and being a surgical trainee can be difficult to balance. We have therefore created the following set of guidelines and policies to foster a supportive environment and to focus on mutual understanding.


Family Planning During Surgical Training Policy

The UCSF Department of Surgery acknowledges and has made a commitment to mitigate the physical and emotional demands of childbearing during surgical training. From pre-conception considerations to postpartum recovery and return to work, we have developed comprehensive guidelines and best practices that are supported by the UCSF Department of Surgery.


Guidelines on Family Leave for Surgical Trainees

These guidelines are provided to help decipher the American Board of Surgery policy on Family Leave for Surgical Trainees (both for residency and fellowship training) and may help residents expecting to be new parents plan for their family leave time.
UCSF Department of Surgery Parental Leave Resources  


Lactation Wellness Policy

The UCSF Department of Surgery aims to protect the health and wellbeing of faculty and learners, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support the current and training the next generation of surgeons. Accordingly, we have developed guidelines for lactation-oriented wellness among faculty and surgical trainees.


Lactation Fund for Trainees

The Department is committed to providing lactation wellness for trainees. This commitment will cover the expense of lactation supplies of up to $500 per resident. 


Mentors for New Surgeon Parents

Becoming a new parent is hard work! You may have questions and anxiety about how best to balance your new role as a parent with your ambitions as a surgeon. We have found that having direct support from another surgeon who can offer experience-based advice is even more helpful and so UCSF Department of Surgery has created a New Parent Mentor program.


Fertility Treatment and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

We are committed to supporting our colleagues seeking fertility-related care, such as cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer.

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