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Juan Reyna, MD

Juan Reyna, MD

  • Resident Research Fellow
  • General Surgery

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Juan Reyna, MD is currently a general surgery resident at UCSF. He majored in biomedical engineering at the University of Houston and was awarded Outstanding Biomedical Engineering student. He then attended medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.
  Dept or School    
  End Date    
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX
  • M.D.
  • 05/2020
  • University of Houston, Houston, TX
  • B.S.
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • 05/2016
  • Houston Community College, Houston, TX
  • 12/2013
    • Acute care surgery
    • Surgery critical care
    • pediatric surgery
    Data provided by UCSF Profiles, powered by CTSI
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    2. Reyna JC, Zagory JA, Yallapragada S, Santiago-Munoz P, Schindel DT. Impact of Additional Anomalies on Postnatal Outcomes in Congenital Lung Malformations. J Surg Res. 2020 12; 256:611-617. View in PubMed
    3. Priscella Asman; Tianxiao Jiang; Musa Ozturk; Juan Reyna; Nuri F. Ince. A Low-Cost Microcontroller Based Stimulation System to Study Sensory Processing. 2019 9th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER). 2019. View in PubMed
    4. López NO, González DP, García JA, Reyna JC, López LF. Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration as Initial Presentation of Papillary Carcinoma of the Fallopian Tube: Evaluation and Usefulness of (18)F-FDG PET-CT. Case Report and Literature Review. Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2013 Mar; 47(1):55-60. View in PubMed
    5. Barbeito CG, Albarenque SM, Reyna JC, Flamini MA, Laube PF, Badrán AF. Mitotic activity of the duodenal crypt enterocytes in mice transplanted with EA21a mammary carcinoma. Cell Biol Int. 2002; 26(1):123-5. View in PubMed


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