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Surgical Education Committee

The SEC regularly reviews and assesses the rotational and didactic curriculum of the General Surgery residency. This includes a yearly review of every rotation, regular reviews of each aspect of the didactic curriculum, includking Skills Lab, by level.

The SEC meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:00pm and is chaired by Rita Mukhtar, M.D., Associate Program Director for Curriculum. 

Education Office Staff Lead: Nicole Calder (


Resident Representation

In addition to the regular SEC members listed below, resident representation at each level is determined by rotation; residents at each rotation/level listed below are expected to attend (or notify their back-up to attend in their place). Each class's representative is encouraged to solicit feedback or questions from their class prior to the meeting to address during the committee meeting. Resident participation is not limited to the participants listed below; all are welcome to attend!

PGY Level Rotation Role
PGY5 MIS Bariatric/Foregut Primary PGY5 Representative
PGY5 MB HBOP Back-up PGY5 Representative
PGY4 CPMC Primary PGY4 Representative
PGY4 MZ Endocrine Back-up PGY4 Representative
PGY3 MB Breast Primary PGY3 Representative
PGY3 MB Gold/Scope Back-up PGY3 Representative
PGY2 UC Thoracic Primary PGY2 Representative
PGY2 ZSFG GI Back-up PGY2 Representative
PGY2 UC Anesthesia Back-up PGY2 Representative
PGY1 UC LTU Primary PGY1 Representative
PGY1  MB HBOP Back-up PGY1 Representative
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