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Have you ever found yourself faced with a “simple” intervention (e.g. peri-operative antibiotic prophylaxis, VTE prophylaxis, C Diff management etc.), but unable to answer a question regarding the “data” behind the dogma? Medical student and resident presentations often fail to identify the few pivotal studies that underlie clinical best practices. In a world in which thousands of academic papers are published annually, this is inevitable.

UCSF SPARK Notes (UCSF Surgery Presents: Aims, Reason, Knowledge) is a monthly blog to highlight the key data behind every day clinical decisions. The purpose of these blog posts is to deliver key data in a succinct manner without information overload. Each post will include only a few key references that underpin current standards or are the basis upon which UCSF-specific guidelines are based. All posts will be emailed as well as linked below for future reference and updates. Please follow @UCSFGSResidency on Twitter for continued updates and discussion.

UCSF SPARK Notes Posts

Catheter-Associated UTI (09/06/18)

Surgical Site Infection Prevention: Prophylactic Antibiotics (08/06/18)

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