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ABS In-Training Examination (ABSITE®)

NEXT EXAM: January 28, 2021 - February 6, 2021



The detailed outline of the topics the ABS wants you to know. At the above link click on either the “Excel” or “PDF” spreadsheets. For each topic there will be a link to an outline of what you are expected to know for this topic- you will be prompted to sign into score to view the outline. This same link also has the curriculum outline for the Vascular Integrated curriculum.

There are many study resources provided in some form by UCSF or UCSF Surgery, which are summarized below. In addition, some other resources to consider:

  • Basic Textbook: Cameron’s Current Surgical Therapy
  • Surgical Atlas: Zollingers
  • Critical Care: The ICU Book (Marino)
  • Efficient case-based review: Clinical Scenarios in Surgery
  • Fiser (beware many errors)
  • The ABSITE Review Course
  • ABSITE KILLER (beware many errors and dated).

 UCSF Library

Access hub for full access to journals and databases (Micromedex & Uptodate: If you are off-site, database access will require you to sign into your UCSF my-access account.

On the UCSF library website, users can also download a program called“Reload via E-proxy”which will allow access journal articles from sites like PUBMED with the UCSF permission register so you can (often) access full text articles. If you have problems setting this up the librarians are lovely and are happy to help - call(415) 476-2336

Many textbooks including Zollingers, Schwartz, Maingot’s abdominal operations, Lange Current Surgical Therapy, Surgical and Interventional Ultrasound, ABSITE Slayer. Also some questions and videos.

SESAP 15 Audio Companion: A recorded audio-discussion with an expert in each field covering those outlined topics in the ABS curriculum up above. Good for listening to in the car for some easy “osmotic studying.”

SESAP 16 Complete: Board-type test questions with explanations:

UCSF YOUTUBE Video repository, formerly “Surgiwiki”- these are videos of our surgeons performing a variety of laparoscopic procedures. The direct link is here, and it is also available through the resident portal: Also some good podcasts and other content.

SCORE modules, some videos, selected textbooks which switch year-to-year, currently:

-Sabiston Textbook of Surgery: the Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice
-The SAGES Manual: Laparoscopy and Endoscopy-Soper
-Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care–Trunkey
-Pediatric Surgery– Coran
-ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery- Steele
-Ethical Issues in Clinical Surgery
-Practical QI: The basics in Quality Improvement
-Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence- Norton
-Surgical Palliative Care, a resident’s guide

TrueLearn ABSITE SmartBank:  Over the past few years, TrueLearn has become THE databank for ABSITE studying. It looks like the ABSITE interface and does clever things like track your progress and compare it to data for your level of training across the country. You can do questions at random or by topic, timed or by tutor mode. The most important thing about this is reading the explanations, which have a lot of good info. The program director consensus regarding this product is that it works best when questions are done over time (months) rather than just crashing through all the questions right before the ABSITE.