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Resident Grand Rounds Attestation

While we believe that in person attendance at Surgery Grand Rounds is ideal and critically important, we recognize that can be difficult if not impossible for some levels of residents at some training sites. To insure that each resident has the same opportunity to learn from each Grand Rounds session, we will accept remote attendance as equivalent to in person attendance provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Your immediate clinical responsibilities* make it impossible to attend Grand Rounds in person.
  2. You are a resident at the specified level at one of the following clinical rotation sites:
  • CPMC, PGY1-5
  • SFVA, PGY1-5
  • SFGH PGY1-5
  • Kaiser, PGY1-5
  • Mission Bay, PGY1-5

3. You have remotely viewed the Grand Rounds presentation in its entirety and have submitted the Qualtrics attestation within 24 hours of Grand Rounds. Click here:    

If you forget to submit the attestation within 24 hours, we have no way of tracking your attendance.

 *Please note that we expect you will still make every attempt to attend Grand Rounds in person, even if you are in one of the groups above, if your schedule that day allows.

Note that some Grand Rounds sessions (such as case conferences) are not available for streaming or remote attendance credit due to their interactive format.

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