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R4-R5 Conferences

8:00 - 9:30 am 

All PGY4 & PGY5 residents are required to attend. Scroll down to see detailed schedule.

  Topic / Title Faculty Resident
12 Whipple (TC) Kenzo Hirose Jeremy Sharib
19 Group Feedback 1 Pat O'Sullivan  
26 Carotid (TC) Charles Eichler Clara Gomez-Sanchez
3 No Conference - Wellness Day    
10 No Conference - Wellness Day    
17 Leadership 1 Ryo Hirose  
24 JC 1: Liver Transplant - Milan Criteria Garrett Roll Isabelle Chumfong
31 Leadership 2 Ryo Hirose  
7 QI 1 Elizabeth Wick  
14 Trauma (TC): Abdominal exposures, Liver/portal injury, duodenal injury Chris Wybourn Anamaria Robles
21 Teaching the Teachers 1 Ryutaro Hirose  
28 Oral Boards Prep    
19 Hepatectomy and Liver Anatomy (TC) Carlos Corvera Steve Wisel
9 ABSITE Review   Sharib/Luu
16 ABSITE Review (R4)
Mock Orals (R5)
23 ABSITE Review   Sharib/Luu
30 TBA (ABSITE Debrief???)    
6 Group Feedback Pat O'Sullivan  
13 Teaching the Teachers 2 Ryo Hirose  
20 Vascular Trauma (TC): Subclavian/Axillary exposures, REBOA, Aortocaval injuries Shant Vartanian Schaller
27 JC 2: Breast Conservation Therapy in DCIS Rita Mukhtar Christie
6 No Conference - Wellness Day    
13 No Conference - Wellness Day    
20 AAA (TC):EVAR, Principles of Endovascular Surgery, Open Aortic Exposures Warren Gasper  
27 Rectal Cancer (TC): APR, LAR, pelvic dissection Mika Varma Ledesma
3 Transitioning to Faculty: Getting Your First Job Ryo Hirose  
10 JC 3: Health Economic Analysis: Laparoscopic Lavage vs. Hartmann's Procedure Emily Finlayson Luu
17 Research Symposium - no conference    
24 Bariatric Surgery (TC): RYGB, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Revisions Stan Rogers Cheng
1 Career Development, Leadership in Academics Hanmin Lee  
8 Group Feedback 3 Pat O'Sullivan  
15 Adrenalectomy (TC) Quan Duh Green
22 Mock Orals w/ Stanford tentative  
29 Transitioning Out of the Lab/Transitioning to Chief Year Ryo Hirose
Peter Stock
5 QI 2 Elizabeth Wick  
12 JC 4: Comparison of Clinical and Claims Data Emily Finlayson Rich