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R2-R3 Conferences

Course Director: Ed Kim, M.D.
Course Coordinator: Heidi Crist

8:00 - 9:30 am  All PGY2 & PGY3 residents attend unless otherwise indicated. Scroll down to see all topics and dates.

Date Topic / Title Faculty Resident
27 Hand Offs/Sign Out with new PGY1s (R2 only)    
11 Intern Bootcamp 1 (R2 only)    
18 Intern Bootcamp 2 (R2 only)    
25 Intern Bootcamp 3 (R2 only)    
ACGME Resident Survey Results & Feedback (R3 + Lab only) PDs, Joe Rapp, Pat Osullivan, Sosa  
1 Intern Bootcamp 4 (R2 only)    
Schecter Conference Orientation (R3 only) Ed Kim  
8 Intern Bootcamp 5 (R2 only)    
15 No Conference (Loupes event)    
22 ACGME Resident Survey Results & Feedback (R2 only) PDs, Joe Rapp, Pat Osullivan, Sosa  
QI Projects (R3 only) Kenzo Hirose, Liza Wick  
29 Acute Abdomen 1 (appendicitis, cholecystitis) Ed Kim  
5 Acute Abdomen 1 (appendicitis, cholecystitis) Ed Kim  
12 QI Projects  Liza Wick  
19 Acute Abdomen 1 (appendicitis, cholecystitis) Ed Kim Patricia Conroy
26 Acute Abdomen 1 (appendicitis, cholecystitis) Ed Kim  
3 No Conference (Wellness Day)    
4 ATLS Day 1    
5 ATLS Day 2    
10 No Conference (Wellness Day)    
17 Acute Abdomen 2 (diverticulitis, SBO, PUD) Ed Kim  
24 Group Feedback Pat O'Sullivan  
31 Small Bowel Overview Ed Kim Alexa Glencer
7 Small Bowel Cases Ed Kim Xochilt Labissiere
14 Esoophagus Overview Ed Kim Patricia Conroy
21 Esoophagus Cases Ed Kim  
28 Stomach Overview Ed Kim Alex Gupta
5 Stomach Tumors Eric Nakakura  
12 Stomach Bariatrics Jon Carter  
19 Ultrasound for Residents Peggy Knudson  
9 Large Intestine Overview Ed Kim  
16 Large Intestine Cases Hobart Harris  
23 Alimentary Tract Assessment    
30 ABSITE Debrief    
6 Anorectal   Joe Lin
13 Group Feedback 2 Pat O'Sullivan  
20 Breast Overview   Yonjae Kim
27 Breast Cases Michael Alvarado Zach Matthay
6 Wellness Day    
13 Wellness Day    
20 Grant Writing Workshop (PGY2)  8-10am
Research Committee Presentations (PGY3)  9-11am
Pam Derish
Peter Stock
27 Skin and Soft Tissue Overview    
3 Endocrine Cases Julie Ann Sosa Zach Matthay
10 Surgical Critical Care Overview Sammann or Wybourn Sarah Mohamedaly
17 Research Symposium    
24 Trauma Overview    
1 Trauma Cases Rachael Callcut Joe Lin
8 Group Feedback Pat OSullivan  
15 Vascular Cases Charles Eichler Lauren Eyler
22 Transplant Overview    
29 Thoracic Overview    
5 ATLS Primer (w/ rising R2s) (PGY2)
Thoracic Cases (PGY3)
Andre Campbell
Kratz, Jablons
12 Pediatric Surgery Overview    
19 Pediatric Surgery Cases Lan Vu, Ben Padilla, Amar Nijgal Marisa Pulcrano