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R1 Conferences

Sessions are held on Wednesday mornings, 8am - 9am. Attendance is required for all Surgical Interns except for specialty designated categorical interns, who should attend their home department's conferences if they are scheduled at the same time. 

Click here for recently recorded sessions.

Date Topic / Title Faculty                          
26 Handoffs / Signout Ryutaro Hirose                          
3 How to intern: hypotension, hypertension, tachycardia Kenzo Hirose                          
10 How to intern: fever, oliguria, hypoxia, SOB Kenzo Hirose                          
17 How to intern: pain, nausea, vomiting Kenzo Hirose                          
24 Cardiovascular physiology and shock Johannes Kratz                          
31 Inpatient Diabetes Management Robert Rushakoff                          
7 Coagulation, Trauma-induced coagulopathy, damage control resucitation, massive transfusion Lucy Kornblith                          
14 Acute Kidney Injury, Electrolyte, Acid/Base abnormalities Leticia Rolon                          
21 Surgical Site Infections Lygia Stewart                          
28 Sepsis and septic shock* Deb Stein                          
4 Perioperative risk assessment and management* Dan Burkhardt                          
11 Antimicrobial therapy and stewardship* Sarah Doernberg                          
18 Quarterly TEST* Kenzo Hirose                          
25 Venous thromboembolism: risk, treatment, and prevention in surgical patients Erika Price                          
2 Resident Wellness Day                            
9 Resident Wellness Day                            
16 Gallstone Disease Kenzo Hirose                          
23 Group feedback 1 Pat O'Sullivan                          
30 Vascular physiology and vascular surgery Warren Gasper                          
13 Postoperative cardiac complications* Krishan Soni                          
20 Delirium in the hospitalized patient Stephanie Rogers                          
27 Mock ABSITE* (GS only) Kenzo                          
4 Applicant Interviews                            
11 Applicant Interviews                            
18 Endocrine: thyroid, parathyroid Julie Ann Sosa                          
8 Hernias Jon Carter                          
15 ABSITE topic review: Breast topics Rita Mukhtar                          
22 ABSITE topic review: adrenal + wild card Wen Shen                          
29 QI Introduction Wick, Lancaster                          
5 Quality Improvement 1: Lean, PDSA, A3 Ryutaro Hirose                          
12 Quality Improvement 2: idea generation for QI project* Wick, Lancaster, Bongiovanni, Stein, Kumar                          
19 Group feedback 1 Pat O'Sullivan                          
26 Misc Case Review TBD Kenzo Hirose                          
4 Resident Wellness Day                            
11 Resident Wellness Day                            
18 TBA (Interns + PGY2s) ***HSW302*** Kenzo Hirose                          
25 Palliative care: delivering bad news, having goals of care discussion Giovanni Elia
Joseph Lin
1 Scientfic Writing (or Grant Writing?) Pam Derish
Hillary Braun
Yvonne Kelly
Zach Matthay
8 Pathway Info Sessions (for PGY1-3) 8-9:30am
Ventilator Management / Critical Care Management 10-11am
Amar Nijagal
Ron Tesoriero
15 Basic Biostats James Ianuzzi                          
22 The Mentor-Mentee relationship: what makes it work? Emily Finlayson (Surgery)
Alex Smith (Palliative Care)
Louise Walter (Geriatrics)
Ann Suskind (Urology)
29 How to use reseaarch time to enhance your fellowship application Amar Nijagal
Deb Stein
Shareef Syed
Kenzo Hirose
Elizabeth Wick
6 Quarterly TEST                            
13 Group feedback 3 Pat O'Sullivan                          
20 ATLS Primer Tasce Bongiovanni                          
27 Quality Improvement 3: review baseline QI data Wick, Lancaster, Bongiovanni                          
3 Quality Improvement 3: review baseline QI data Wick, Lancaster, Bongiovanni                          
10 8-10am: Resident teacher development 1 Pat O'Sullivan                          
17 8-10am: Resident teacher development 2 Pat O'Sullivan